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Date: 18-12-2023

Climate chambers Launched!

Interdos is glad to announce the official launch of our brand-new Climate Chambers, a significant leap forward in pharmaceutical stability testing. These completely new climat...

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Date: 01-12-2023

Pharmacovigilance audit and gap-analysis services by Interdos

Pharmacovigilance audits as well as gap analyses are essential for maintaining the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical products. They help ensure compliance with regulations...

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Date: 02-11-2023

NEW Climate Chamber Services: Pharmaceutical Stability

At Interdos we are excited to introduce our latest news – our cutting-edge new Climate Chambers. Why Climate Chambers Matter Our state-of-the-art climate chambers ...

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Date: 02-11-2023

Laboratory batch testing and release services by QP

At Interdos, we recognize the importance of ensuring the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals, API’s, and other products in today's highly regulated and quality-co...

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Date: 12-10-2023

Partnering for success with Interdos

At Interdos, a part of Basic Pharma, we stand by your side as your dedicated partner in the dynamic pharmaceutical and medical device sectors. With a deep commitment to your s...

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